Does the barking dog ever really bite?

There are two people, those who bark and those who bite. You know what I am talking about, you are more than likely one or other. At times you may even be both. Those who bark, the type of person who who makes it known to the world just how great they are, ” look at me, look at me!” And then we have those who bite, the silent storm I like to call them. Not the person to brag about themselves , or shine light in their direction. They are the ones who often go unnoticed, they get the job done, without drawing attention to themselves, they don’t complain, and they don’t need everyone to pat them on the back and congratulate with job well done.
For some of us, doing our job is part of the job. We don’t expect the praise nor do we need it. We lift others up and help encourage and promote those we see to have talent and drive. For others, there is much less doing and way more barking about what “they have done” in all actuality they probably haven’t done much. If you are doing your job, and doing it well the praise will come without question. Does the barking dog really ever bite?


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