If dating were suppose to be easy it would be called a sl#t. That’s why it’s a bitch!

Stats: Anthony J Okoye

Height: 6ft

Weight: 145lb

Are you American: Black/Mixed

Relationship: Single

My stats, nothing spectacular, I’m no Tyson Beckford, we all know that, but come on now….. I think I am a funny, intelligent, caring, and fashionably sound man in my early 30’s. But I guess no one said it would get easier the older you got, especially in dating world.  Question: Remember when friends would set you up with co-workers? Or when everyone would have assistance getting zipped into their “skinniest” jeans, that mad their butt look so right for the club.  Too much cologne , not enough cologne, does my hair look good, are you sure, is the part perfect? Do I have any food in my teeth??? The clubs were for the weekends, and that’s where you would find your more recent life lesson, or perhaps Mr. Right.

But it’s almost 2015, and in a world that is controlled by our mechanical auto pilot setting. Less and less do we spend all those hours getting dressed up to look our best, only to run into the same crowd of possibilites from the weekend before. Now I can eat a whole bag of Cool-Ranch Doritos, stay in my sweats, and get a little teary eyed at almost every other episode of Scandal, damn you Olivia Pope and your perfect caramel skin.  In 2015 we turn to OkCupid, Match, Grindr, Plenty-o-fish and now the newest craze, Tinder.  Don’t get me wrong, i’m pro online /social media app dating friendly. My sales pitch when trying to get people to dangle their toes in the waters that is the dating pool is, It’s like online shopping, you get the 360 view of them, product description, key features and benefits. Often times, there are huge red flags, and warning signs, and we can just click BLOCK. 

Than their are the times where this handsomely well put together man, who laughs at all your jokes and opens all the doors for you. You know Prince Charming minus the Charming now three weeks into the budding romance.  Excuse me, can I see that block button!


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